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The importance of having an editor

Editors have become the norm in the publishing industry. Most of the top authors in the world chose to go down the route of hiring an editor for their publications.

It's become a societal norm that's ingrained in the publishing world. Why?

Editor's can have substantial financial implications, especially for a debut author. Sometimes authors can be concerned about the quality of the work they are getting. Value for money and skillset can sometimes be up for debate when you find editors from unreliable sources. When there's little in terms of reward, sometimes paying for an editor can be hard to justify. Visit sites such as Finesse Literary Press that offer only the finest quality editors at a very reasonable rate.

However, new authors tend to lack self-confidence. They want an editor to go over their work, as they know it will be made available to the public; and thus people will judge them. Writers get so caught up in the trap of being self-critical. Even if others may define their work as perfect, they always nitpick even the smallest unnoticeable details about where they went wrong. They don't want to embarrass themselves.

What do we recommend?

We think it's very important to have a second pair of eyes glancing over your manuscript. However, we firmly believe that this is only the case when you're personally at a point where your comfortable with the quality of your writing. Editors tend to do little in the way of rewriting. They are purely there to make your work sparkle, polishing it by adding the finishing touches.

But, we personally think that self-confidence is key. Believe in yourself and your skill set. You can achieve anything you want in life, and the world needs your story. Who knows who's life you could change?

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