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Preparing a manuscript for publication

Outlining phase

We recommend that you begin your venture into publication through outlining your desired manuscript. This phase involves careful planning and preparation. We recommend taking the time out to think of a concept and pitch the ideas to family and friends. This will give you time to judge if your onto something special with your concept.

Once you've decided upon your golden idea, you're ready. Create a detailed chapter outline, and take as much time as you need to plan your every move.

The write-up phase

This is probably both the hardest and easiest part.

It is difficult in terms of finding the motivation to overcome your writers block. However, this should be the most fun and rewarding phase. Seeing your ideas come to life is the most incredible feeling.

Additional draft phase

Now you've written up the first draft of your story, tear it apart. Make sure the timeline tracks, characters are consistent and events are sensical. This will ensure you have a logical and compelling read.

The edit phase

This will primarily focus on ensuring your book is free from any grammar, spelling, punctuation and syntax issues. It's very important to correct this before you plan on submitting your work. Try and focus on typographical mistakes, and correct them to the best of your ability.

Jerry Jenkins has published an informative 21 part checklist you can use to a thorough edit.

Submission phase

Now you're reading for publication. You can use services like Finesse Literary Press to reach your authors. Congrats for getting here, it wasn't easy. Be proud of what you've achieved because you're a published author.

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