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Is self publishing worthwhile?

Join us as we delve deep into the realm of self publication. Throughout, we shall highlight the true experiences many authors face when attempting to become an author.

What are the chances of getting traditionally published?

In our modern day society, self-publishing has become the norm. This is primarily due to the discouraged state authors find themselves in after countless rejections. Many individuals spend months, even years producing a sparking manuscript. After pitching their project to numerous publishing houses and literary agents, they find themselves ready to give up. As a result, they go down the route of self-publication. Thereafter, they find it hard to justify producing another project.

As reported by Leigh Shine

fewer than one percent of submitted manuscripts are published.

Is there another way?

Thankfully, there is another way. Companies such as Finesse Literary Press offer a publication model that shares the risk of publishing. These types of publishing houses give the client an opportunity to invest into elevating their manuscripts to a professional quality before publication. They work closely alongside the publisher to make sure their book shines as brightly as possible. This allows the finished product to withstand the best possible chance of standing out in a competitive marketplace.

However, new authors should beware of vanity presses, or companies that charge the author an extortionate fee to help them publish. Established publishers like Finesse Literary Press always give a guarantee that they will invest financially into a clients project. They will never 'pocket' money from authors fees. Instead they rely on royalties to run. This means, they want you to sell your books!

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