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How to recognise Vanity Press’ and dodge the scam.

A vanity press is a ‘self-publishing company’ that charges authors a substantial fee for publication. Instead of making their money from royalties, selling their clients books, they are more determined to exploit inexperienced authors.

If you’re in the writing game, the chances are, you’ve probably come across Vanity Press’ numerous times. They lurk in the shadows and present themselves as a ‘self-publishing provider’. If you’re a victim to their scams, it can incur massive financial costs.

Vanity Press’ often ignore the obvious fact that new authors often aren’t made of money,

They often outsource all the work and publish your book on a free platform, profiting from the initial fee they demand from authors.

Partnership publishers like Finesse Literary Press work with the author to make their manuscript sparkle. They don’t profit from any fee they charge the author. Instead, they make their money when your book sells.

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