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Building a successful book marketing campaign

Marketing campaigns often define the financial success of a novel. It's a shame that so many new authors out there lack the skills and expertise to carry out successful marketing for their book. More often than not, new authors are lured in by a variety of websites that offer to promote their book for a fee. They feature books on their homepage for a limited time, it attracts limited attention, and sales are far from guaranteed. Authors listing their books on promotion sites can often lead to a failed investment.

We want to guide authors on a path to market their books, free of charge. This works in an attempt to maximise your profit margin.

  1. List your books on FREE promotion sites.

Feel free to use search engines to find lists of promotion sites that will list your book for free. There are numerous sites out there that will give you free exposure by featuring your book. Don't be fooled by sites that target new authors, charging them extortionate amounts and promise sales. Try and stick to free promotion sites, or alternatively, only use the most reputable websites. Do your research.

2. Utilise social media.

Social media sites are free to use. You can form deep and meaningful relationships, convincing readers to buy your books. You can also gain a cult following for your author brand. Using social media to it's full potential takes years. It's a commitment. But it's worth it. It takes years to create top quality content, build a following and forming relationships. But when you do it, boy is it worthwhile!

3. Take advantage of your connections.

Get in touch with everyone you know! No matter how distant your relationship is with someone, they always have an interest in what you're doing. Why? because they know you, you've already formed a connection to them. Everyone reads, your target audience should be broad. So utilise these connections, tell everyone you know that you wrote a book. Not only will they be impressed, but it can also lead to sales.

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