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About us

"Many writers feel so dejected after receiving countless rejections from literary agents and publishers they just want to give up. What's worse, these publishers don't even take the time out to read the work authors put their energy into crafting."


"Moreover, many authors just don't know how to navigate through the self-publishing space, leading them to just give up and scrap the entire project."


"Luckily there is another way. The Finesse way."


"We sympathise with the struggle that authors go through to publish their books. That's why we provide them with an alternative option. At Finesse Literary Press, we give peace of mind to our authors by providing all of the essential services needed for publication."

After submitting your manuscript, we will agree the most suitable price band you're eligible for. This will be based on the amount of work required, your budget and our vision for the desired end product. 


We know that new authors are not made of money. That’s why we’re so proud to boast that our fees are substantially lower than the vast majority of our competitors.

Option 1
You provide us with the finished blurb and author bio and we'll do the rest.
Option 2
Option 3
We'll rewrite your current blurb and author bio and make it sing.
We'll write you an author bio and blurb from scratch. Just give us the requirements and we'll do the rest.

Never doubt the power of a well-written, compelling author bio and blurb. It's one of the first things that's seen when someone considers purchasing your book. It could be the difference when attempting to make a sale.  

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Physical copies of your book 

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