Some of the best stories in this world will never be read as they've gone unpublished. That's where Finesse Literary Press step in. 

Hanging Books

What we do

In simple terms, we are pro's at taking raw manuscripts (documents of text) and turning them into beautiful physical books.

So our question for you is; has it ever been your dream of yours to land a commercial publishing deal? Well, Finesse Literary press is here to make this dream come true. 

Whether you're a new or established author, we're here to work with you. 

We strongly believe that everybody has a story to tell. We want your voice to be heard, loud and clear. If you want to get your message across and have it resonate, look no further. 

We bring to the table an innovative model of publication for your novel. Partnership publishing with Finesse Literary Press, at an affordable rate. 

We are an internationally recognised publishing house with links to distribution sources that operate on a mass scale. We have access to over 40,000 retailers including: Indie bookshops, online & chain stores, ebook retailers, universities and libraries. 

We uphold only the longstanding industry standards and best practices.


But we do so whilst working alongside the author. This is the case as we work on a shared-risk basis. This means we invest in you, through time and care in your manuscript.

If our in-house review manager deems that your manuscript has met our acceptance criteria, we will work with you towards publication.

Once you've signed your publishing proposal, congratulations. You're amongst the other illustrious authors that have published through Finesse Literary Press. It's that simple. 

Our Approach

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Phase 4


Why us?


A word from our CEO

Ben Simon Lazarus -


"Many writers feel so dejected after receiving countless rejections from literary agents and publishers they just want to give up. What's worse, these publishers don't even take the time out to read the work you've put your energy into crafting. They often make their decision on an authors manuscript by reading just the first page." 

"That's where Finesse Literary Press step in. We sympathise with the struggle authors go through to commercially publish their novels. That's why our guarantee to you is that our in-house submissions review board will give your manuscript the serious consideration it deserves. We will extensively assess your story using our selection criteria and get back to you as soon as possible with a decision."

Giving back


Dedicated staff waiting to make your publishing dream a reality.

We are an internationally recognised publishing house.

UK Publishers, Based in London.

We price ourselves in our response rates and excellence in customer service.

We give 10% of our profits to the



Our Guarantee

Although we cannot assure the acceptance of your manuscript for publication. What we can do is guarantee that each and every submission will be given the careful time and consideration it deserves.